Tinctures are strong drinks that are traditionally obtained by infusing alcohols on herbs, fruit and berry base, cones and nuts. But today you can prepare a tincture without collecting the original plant components. In the online store of the Prolitech company you can buy sets for tinctures - ready-made extracts from natural ingredients.

If you like experiments, we suggest ordering sets of spices for tinctures at an inexpensive price. Buy several product options to significantly diversify your home bar. Believe me, once you've made a tincture, you won't be able to stop.

Sets for tinctures: what is it?

A set for tincture is the ingredients collected in one "bouquet". If you do not have the time and desire to select components yourself, this product is perfect for you. Why use it?

  • Spices for moonshine significantly improve its taste and aroma. One batch of distillate can be different. Add different mixtures for moonshine to different bottles, and you will get alcohol with excellent organoleptic parameters - taste, smell.
  • Spices for tinctures endow home-made alcoholic products or purchased vodka with useful properties. Depending on the list of ingredients, the drink acquires healing, soothing, invigorating qualities.
  • Ingredients for home brewing turn the process into a real art. After all, you can get different products, interesting combinations
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What sets for tinctures and moonshine are there?

Manufacturers offer a large selection of ready-made sets of spices for infusion of moonshine and for making tinctures from factory vodka. Our store is a resource where you can buy sets of spices for moonshine for every taste:

  • for Becherovka, pepper, Zubrovka;
  • for Sambuca;
  • for whiskey and cognac;
  • for horseradish, rum;
  • cranberry liqueur, Amaretto style liqueurs.

There are general recommendations for the preparation of tinctures from moonshine:

  • Use high-quality, well-cleaned strong moonshine (50%). You should not try to "drown out" the bad taste and aroma of the crude distillate with herbs and berry extracts. This will only make the situation worse.
  • You need to insist moonshine, following the instructions. After mixing the distillate and ingredients, the bottle is removed in a warm and dark place.
  • The tincture is prepared from several days to several weeks. This is the advantage of ready-made sets from traditional raw materials, which need to be infused for about 3 months. Seasoning for moonshine quickly dissolves, reveals its aromas in alcohol. Do not open the lid before preparing the product.
  • Before drinking, the drink, if necessary, is filtered to remove particles of spices, herbs, berries. In some cases, a second distillation of the distillate is required.

Follow the recommendations from the packaging of the set and the recipe, and you are guaranteed to receive an exclusive drink. If you wish, you can always get competent advice from our alcohol expert on the preparation of tinctures and, in general, on the choice of goods, components, equipment, accessories for home brewing. Also in the blog you will find useful articles that will help you master the exciting business of making tinctures at home. 

How to make sure the quality of the tincture kit?

Of course, if you independently prepare sets for moonshine tinctures, you can be sure of the composition. And when buying finished products, there are always doubts about what exactly and what quality the manufacturer put in the package. In order not to be afraid, forge a set of herbs and spices for moonshine from a trusted supplier. In Ukraine, such a resource is the Prolitech company. We work directly with major manufacturers, so any seasoning for moonshine in our catalog is carefully checked. Its quality is confirmed by certificates - the ingredients are mixed in the right proportions, which allows you to achieve a unique bouquet. Each ready-made set from our catalog is suitable for creating an original recipe.

Since we receive products directly from manufacturers, the price of all goods is competitive. We quickly process orders, ship from the warehouse and deliver purchases to the Dnieper, Kiev and Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and Krivoy Rog, Mariupol, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine.

We ourselves experiment a lot with beverages and supplements, and we guarantee you that this is a great product that deserves your closest attention. If you have questions during the selection process, please contact the store managers. Feel free to ask which ready-made sets are best suited for preparing a drink with a particular taste. Our employees are great at this.

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