A set of spices for Khrenovukh tincture

A set of spices for Khrenovukh tincture

A set of spices for Khrenovukh tincture
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About product

About product A set of spices for Khrenovukh tincture

A set of spices for Khrenovukh tincture is used to prepare a drink based on moonshine, alcohol or vodka. For example, moonshine with the addition of natural aromatic and flavoring additives loses its unpleasant odor and taste. As part of the flavor additive, chili peppers, cloves and cinnamon, chopped horseradish, ginger and lemon zest.

Khrenovuha is an alcoholic drink of increased strength, which is traditionally made in Eastern Europe. The beneficial properties of horseradish and hot peppers help to cope with colds and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. In small doses, Khrenovukha gives vivacity and energy, warms and normalizes the activity of the nervous system. The drink is indispensable for people who are engaged in hard physical labor or spend a long time in the cold.

A set of spices for Khrenovukh tincture: features of use

You will need to buy a set of spices for Khrenovukh tincture to make a healthy drink that is in demand among connoisseurs of high-quality alcohol. Khrenovukha is served in trendy restaurants and clubs. The drink has a pronounced burning taste with a subtle aftertaste in the form of citrus and ginger notes. Using a set of spices and herbs, you can prepare elite drinks that will be appreciated by true gourmets. The tincture is consumed chilled, poured into small piles. Unlike pepper tincture, Khrenovukha has a milder taste, which harmonizes optimally with meat dishes.

The color of the drink is light golden. Winemakers who want to make tasty and flavorful alcoholic drinks are wondering where to buy good ingredients. A set of herbs and spices for Khrenovukh tincture will help you cope with the task of preparing a drink at home or at your own production plant. Affordable price for the product allows you to create original products without unnecessary financial expenses.

A set of spices for Khrenovukh tincture: where to order

Prolitech LLC supplies private wineries and breweries in Ukraine with raw materials, inventory and equipment for the production of alcoholic beverages. You can order sets of spices for tinctures, malt and other ingredients for making different types of alcohol from us.

The catalog contains products of the best manufacturers in Europe. Buyers from the cities of Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov will be able to use the ordered goods as quickly as possible. We organize fast delivery within 1-2 days to the cities of Odessa, Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Krivoy Rog.

Recipe for Khrenovukh tincture:

Pour the contents of the package into a container and pour 2 liters of vodka / alcohol / moonshine, if desired, add 50-100 g of honey.

Place the container for 5 days in a dark, cool place and stir occasionally, 1-3 times a day.

After 5 days, filter the infusion, add 1 liter. vodka / alcohol / moonshine and send the drink for 3-4 days to rest.

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Chili peppers, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, ginger, crushed horseradish

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