A set of spices for tincture in the style of Zubrovka

A set of spices for tincture in the style of Zubrovka

A set of spices for tincture in the style of Zubrovka
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About product A set of spices for tincture in the style of Zubrovka

A set of herbs and spices Zubrovka is used to make strong alcohol. The composition includes herbs - bison, thyme, and linden flowers. The herbal-based drink has a tart taste and aroma of fresh hay. Grass Zubrovka grows in Belovezhskaya Pushcha (Belarus, Poland), serves as food for bison, which led to the name of the plant.

Zubrovka contains coumarin glycoside. This substance improves appetite and stimulates the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, food is better absorbed. The beneficial properties of the plant have been known since ancient times. Zubrovka-based drink became widespread in the Commonwealth (Poland, Lithuania) in the 18th century. In 2019, Zubrovka was recognized as the third among the best-selling types of vodka on a global scale.

Linden flowers have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, help strengthen the immune system. Thyme has a diaphoretic and disinfectant effect, calms the nervous system. A drink based on herbs in small doses is recommended for colds, to normalize the psycho-emotional background and prevent cancer.

A set of herbs and spices Zubrovka: features of use

Many winemakers are thinking about where to buy ingredients for making unusual and classic drinks. A set of spices for tincture in the style of Zubrovka is used to give a spicy, rich taste to finished wine and vodka products. Tinctures such as Zubrovka are considered an alternative to absinthe, which is also made with the addition of herbal raw materials.

Depending on the region and year of harvesting bison, the color of the finished drink varies from light golden to deep dark amber. The taste of the drink is obtained with a characteristic bitterness and a pronounced herbal aroma, in which there are notes of vanilla and green apple. The affordable price of a set of spices for Zubrovka-style tincture allows winemakers to experiment with the taste of drinks. Using additives based on herbs, it is possible to produce products with original taste and aroma characteristics.

A set of herbs and spices Zubrovka: where to order

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Grass bison, lime blossom, thyme