A set of spices for liquor in the style of Becherovka (Becherovka)

A set of spices for liquor in the style of Becherovka (Becherovka)

A set of spices for liquor in the style of Becherovka (Becherovka)
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About product

About product A set of spices for liquor in the style of Becherovka (Becherovka)

A set of spices for liquor in the style of Becherovka (Becherovka) will help you prepare a drink at home or at a craft winery. The composition of the product includes ingredients - cloves and cinnamon, cardamom. The supplement also contains anise, orange peel and allspice in the form of peas. The creator of the Becherovka liqueur recipe is a Czech pharmacist and hotel business owner Josef Becher.

The pharmacist had a passion for healing tinctures and one day he decided to create his own unique drink. Experiments on the preparation of drinks with the addition of various herbs and spices were crowned with success. This is how Becherovka liqueur appeared, which is famous for its ability to improve the digestion of food. Today, the liqueur, which has a peculiar tart taste and a pronounced herbal aroma, is the national drink of the Czech Republic. Becherovka has received many awards at international exhibitions of alcoholic beverages.

A set of spices for Becherovka-style liqueur: features of use

Winemakers looking to make classic and unusual drinks are wondering where to buy the ingredients for their creative experiments. A set of spices for liquor in the style of Becherovka (Becherovka) gives the finished drink a golden color and a bittersweet taste that leaves a spicy aftertaste. The drink is consumed after a meal, pre-cooled to a temperature of 5-7°C. They drink in small sips, savoring and appreciating subtle flavor nuances.

A drink with a rather sharp taste is often used to make cocktails. Unique flavors are revealed when mixing liquor with apple, currant and other juices. Tonic-based cocktails are popular.

To prepare a real alcoholic drink according to a traditional recipe at home or at your own enterprise, you need to buy a set of herbs and spices for liquor in the Becherovka style (Becherovka). Ready-made sets of natural flavors and aromas allow you to create original products. Affordable price for products contributes to high demand among alcohol producers.

A set of spices for Becherovka-style liqueur: where to order

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Becherovka recipe

For everything you will need:

  • 2.4 liters of alcohol with a strength of 50-55%
  • A set of spices for liquor in the style of Becherovka (the set is designed for 3 liters of the finished product)
  • Sugar - 250 - 300 g
  • Water - 750 ml

Preparation is as follows: put all the spices in a container and pour them with alcohol. We tightly close and put in a dark, warm place (you can near the battery for faster extraction). We insist the drink for a week with occasional shaking. After 7 days, filter the tincture through a fine sieve or several layers of gauze.

Before filtering, it is better to taste the infusion - if the smell and taste seem poor, leave it for another couple of days.

We prepare the syrup: dilute 300 g of sugar in 450 ml of water and put on fire. Stir constantly until the sugar is completely dissolved. We do not bring to a boil. Remove, cool to room temperature, remove the foam, if it is still present and add to our infusion.

Then pour another 300 ml of water into the saucepan in which the syrup was boiled, rinse it and also add it to the tincture. In total, you should get about 3 liters of product. Instead of sugar, fructose can be used, given that it is 1.7 times sweeter than sucrose (that is, regular sugar). After mixing the tincture and syrup, homemade Becherovka can be considered ready.


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Anise, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, sweet peas, orange peel