Real beer connoisseurs, who are not satisfied with the taste of mass consumption brewing products sold through supermarkets, have got an excellent opportunity to brew their favorite drink at home. After all, such a unit as a home mini brewery appeared on the equipment market.

Specialized machines are produced by different brands in a range of models. They are compact installations that made it possible to brew beer in compliance with all technological processes for people who have not undergone special training, who have not received specialized education. At the same time, you can brew beer at home, for example, in a country house or in a garage, at a convenient time according to a traditional or your own recipe.

Benefits of home beer production in a mini brewery

Home minibrewery opens up interesting prospects for the amateur brewer.

  • Modern homebrew models are easy to use. At the same time, in terms of their operational and technical characteristics, they are practically not inferior to professional equipment.
  • Buying a mini brewery is worth it, if only because you will probably know what ingredients the beer is brewed from.
  • The owner of such a unit will “program” the taste and aroma of his own beer himself, using certain natural components, calculating the proportions of hops, malt and yeast.
  • Live beer can be brewed not only on holidays, but also according to your mood. Product tasting can be a great opportunity to meet friends.
  • Famous brands of home mini breweries are of high quality and can last for many years. And to buy a brewer, it is not necessary to go to the manufacturer's factory. You can order equipment in Ukraine through an online store. Proven resources offer a favorable price for a home mini brewery, accompany purchases with an official guarantee, and provide competent advice on choosing a model for home or summer cottage.

How does a mini brewery work?

A home mini brewery, depending on the model, either ensures that the brewer goes through all the technological cycles, or works on the principle of one boiler, when malt concentrate is used instead of malt to prepare the wort. When choosing a unit model, you should consider whether only the result is important to you or the process is also interesting.

In the first case, it is worth choosing an automated device that will itself carry out and control temperature conditions, pressure inside the tank and the sequence of cycles. Such an installation notifies the owner in case of failures, violations of the set parameters, or the end of the process.

If you yourself are interested in doing mashing malt, preparing wort, adding yeast, controlling fermentation processes, and so on, then you should buy a home brewery that provides for constant operator intervention.

Where to start?

Experienced brewers encourage beginners to learn traditional recipes. Proven proportions and quality ingredients will be the key to a successful experience. When simple formulas are obtained, you can start experimenting with components to obtain new varieties.

What to look for when buying a mini brewery for home?

The price of household breweries in Ukraine differs significantly. Several factors affect the cost of models:

  • Brand fame. The more popular the manufacturer, the more expensive his products will cost.
  • Production materials (stainless steel, plastic, glass). This parameter, in addition to the price, affects the durability of the equipment. The most durable are stainless steel appliances.
  • The size of the wort kettle. The volume of the finished product that can be obtained in one cycle depends on this indicator. Among household installations, the most popular are units of 25-50 liters.
  • The size directly affects the dimensions of the structure. The larger the brewery complex, the more space it will take up on the table, on the shelf, on the floor.

How to maintain a mini brewery

Each set of equipment (when buying equipment from a proven brand) is accompanied by a user manual. It is enough to follow the recommendations and rules so that the device serves for a long time and without failures. The main maintenance activities of the brewery include its thorough cleaning and disinfection after each brewing cycle. This is due to the fact that such a device provides for the preparation of a live product. Therefore, must residues, yeast microparticles, which can become a favorable environment for pathogenic microflora, should be carefully removed from surfaces, parts, and elements. Recommendations for choosing a disinfectant can be obtained on specialized forums or specialized sites from any region, not only large cities (Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa), but also small villages.

Mini breweries

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