Hops for home beer

To prepare a foamy drink, malt, yeast, water and hops are taken. The organoleptic properties of the finished product depend on the quality indicators of raw materials. At Prolitex, you can buy beer hops and other necessary ingredients to brew a drink with the desired taste and aroma.


Hops increase foam stability and shelf life. Experts identify more than 100 varieties, which are conditionally divided into bitter, aromatic and taste. The former contain more resins and less hop oil, are added at an early stage of wort preparation, and form the main bitterness of the drink. Hop composition:


  • Bitter substances (alpha acids) – increase foam resistance, prevent the development of pathogenic microflora in the product, promote protein coagulation.
  • Hop oil – essential oil. Depending on the variety, they give the beer certain aromatic properties.
  • Tannins – affect the degree of clarification of the drink, due to the high ability to bind to protein compounds and iron salts. 
  • Protein – during the production process, 30-50% of the total amount of protein gets into the finished beer from hops. A small volume practically does not affect the organoleptic properties of the finished product.
  • Minerals – 8%. 

By choosing certain types of malt and hops, adjusting the ratio of ingredients, beer producers achieve expressive flavors and aromas in different varieties. Experts count more than 20 thousand varieties of foamy drink, which are made from just four main components.


Hop varieties for beer

  • Magnum. Suitable for all types of drink. Creates a harmonious flavor-aromatic background in lagers and stouts. The content of alpha acid is 13-15%.
  • Hersbrucker. Mild, bitter taste. Used in varieties: lagers, pils, bock beers. The content of alpha acid is 3-5,5%. 
  • Nothern Brewer. Commonly used in the brewing of English pale ales and bitters. The content of alpha acid is 7-10%. 

  • Strisslespalt hops. Gives a pleasant aftertaste of moderate intensity. The best option for campers. Alpha acid content 3-5%. 
  • Hallertauer Tradition. Characterized by herbaceous and fruity notes. The content of alpha acid is 3,5-5,5%. 
  • Saaz. It has pronounced spicy, herbal nuances. Added to lagers. The content of alpha acid is 3-5%.
  • Cascade. Suitable for making pale ales and porters. Gives the finished drink floral, citrus, spicy notes. One of the most popular hop varieties for craft brewing. Alpha acid content 4,5-7%. 

The higher the alpha acid content, the stronger the bitterness felt in the brewed beer. Before you buy hops for beer, you need to study the recipe, which indicates the types of components and proportions.


Buy hops for wort at Prolitech

To buy cheap hops for beer in Kiev, it is better to use the services of professional suppliers. Prolitex cooperates with leading manufacturers of raw materials for the brewing industry and home-made beer. The catalog contains beer components and equipment from Ukrainian, Belgian, and German manufacturers. To make a successful purchase, you need to follow simple steps:


  • Select a product item in the catalog.
  • Order goods by filling out the application form.
  • Wait for a call from the manager.

Buyers can independently call the indicated phones and discuss the details of the order with a representative of the company. Competent consultants will help you choose the right varieties of malt and hops, taking into account the wishes and needs of the client. Useful recommendations will help you avoid mistakes and unplanned expenses.

Hops for beer

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