Hops Cascade (Cascade) 50 g, α-5.9%

Hops Cascade (Cascade) 50 g, α-5.9%

Hops Cascade (Cascade) 50 g, α-5.9%
Наиболее распространённый американский ароматический хмель. Обладает ароматом грейпфрута и личи. Обладает уникальным неповторимым характером. Используется для вкуса, аромата и особенно для сухого охмеления элей
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About product

About product Hops Cascade (Cascade) 50 g, α-5.9%

Hop Cascade (Cascade) has the best taste and aroma. This special variety of hops took life in 1972 and has certainly won quite a few hearts in the brewing industry. Cascade hops (Cascsde) can be found in the vast majority of commercial American beers.

Cascade contains a moderate amount of alpha acid in the range of 4.5% - 7%. And its real power in brewing is flavor. The American version of the hop brings to the producer the specific aroma of a green botanical garden. Some compare this fragrance to citrus or grapefruit. This is undoubtedly due to the high content of myrcene. Farnesene, which is used in the perfume and food industries, is also quite high.


Cascade hops are quite disease and fungus resistant, but their poor ability to retain their original properties leads to their rapid loss. The progenitors of Cascade hops are English Fuggle and Russian Serebryanka. Cascade is one of the most popular and affordable hops for making homemade and commercial beers.


Alpha acid 4.5% -7%, Beta acid 4.5% -7%, Cohumulone 33% -40% Total oil content: 0.7-1.5ml/100g Myrcene 45% -60% Humulene 8% -16% Caryophyllene 3.5% -5.5% Farnezene 4% -8%

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