Brewer's yeast for brewing beer at home

The company "Proliteh" offers to buy brewer's yeast in a wide range. We sell dry and liquid yeast, ready for sowing in a fermentation tank. Yeast is prepared for use in conditions that correspond to technological processes. The ingredient is fully suitable for use in modern breweries.


Sugar from wort cannot be converted to ethyl alcohol without the participation of yeast cultures. Therefore, fermentation is a key phase of intoxicating brewing. At the same time, the type, variety, method of preparation of raw materials directly affect the quality of the resulting drink. The technology involves two methods of wort fermentation. And these methods depend on the type of yeast used:


  • In the first case, yeast cultures are used for top fermentation (the final product is ale), which occurs at 18-25 C. At the end of cooking, the yeast, sinking to the bottom, does not form a dense sediment.
  • In the second case, a resource is used for bottom fermentation (lager varieties are obtained). Fermentation occurs at low temperatures in the range of 9-15 C. At the end of fermentation, a thick sediment forms at the bottom of the container.

Depending on the technological features and the type of yeast used, hoppy gets organoleptic characteristics, which are the main quality indicators. 


According to their form, cultures for fermentation are dry and liquid.


  1. The powdered version is convenient to use, does not require additional preparatory manipulations. The culture is added in the amount required by the recipe.
  2. Liquid enzyme gives a more pronounced taste and aroma, but is rarely used by private breweries, since the delivery and storage of raw materials requires certain conditions. And the price of such fermentation cultures is higher than that of the freeze-dried counterpart. 

When using a low-quality component, there is a high risk of unpleasant (acidic) odors and taste in the product.


Selection of brewer's yeast for beer

Depending on the product you plan to produce, you need to choose the type of fermentation enzyme. We recommend that you consult our specialist to make the right choice. We will share with you the secrets of brewing and the basic principles of selecting ingredients. Contact our manager to get answers to your questions. 


The advantages of buying an ingredient after sublimation in our company include: 


  • The proposed raw mass has a long shelf life, which makes it easy to transport and store for a long time.
  • The realized yeast sublimate does not require additional preparation, except for reconstitution in water. You just have to add the required mass of yeast, diluted with water, to the wort mixture (according to the recipe).
  • Buying prepared components from us allows microbreweries to refuse to maintain their own laboratory.

How to order and buy yeast for beer at Prolitech

Today, private and mini breweries offer a wide range of varietal beers brewed according to traditional and exclusive recipes. At the same time, as mentioned above, one of the main ingredients in the brewing process is brewer's yeast.


Few microbreweries have on-site facilities for growing and stabilizing yeast resources. That is why it is especially important to establish a continuous supply of yeast sublimate. To help you in this task, we have established direct contacts with leading suppliers of raw materials for brewing beer. Our warehouses always have the necessary stocks of products, the delivery of which you can order to any region of Ukraine. We guarantee prompt delivery of components not only in Kiev, but also in other cities. 

Brewer's yeast

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