Yeast Safale US-05 - 11.5 gr

Yeast Safale US-05 - 11.5 gr

Yeast Safale US-05 - 11.5 gr
Yeast Safale US-05 - 11.5 gr
American Ale Yeast produces a well balanced, low diacetyl beer with a subtle taste
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About product

About product Yeast Safale US-05 - 11.5 gr

A specialized online brewing store presents Fermentis Safale US-05 brewer's yeast. This top-fermenting yeast is an all-purpose yeast recommended by the manufacturer for American style ales (IPA, APA). The use of this yeast culture in the brewing process results in a well-balanced product with a light aroma, clean aftertaste and dense foam.


Product Feature: Dry yeast Fermentis Safel US-05 is a premium product, which you can buy for private and commercial use in the Prolitech online store at a competitive price, possible due to direct cooperation with the official representative of the manufacturer.


The main characteristics of this yeast variety include:

  • Purpose - top fermentation.
  • Alcohol resistance is high.
  • Ether is low.
  • Flocculation is medium.
  • Spicy is medium.

Experienced brewers especially appreciate this strain for the minimal yeast overtones it imparts to the beer. This allows you to demonstrate the taste and aromatic qualities of the malt and hops used.


FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: 18-28°C, ideal at 15-20°C


DOSAGE: 11.5 g per 20-30 liters of must


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Sprinkle the yeast over the surface of sterile water or wort at 25-29°C. The volume of liquid should be 10 times the volume of yeast. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Gently stir for 30 minutes, then add the resulting suspension to the fermentation tank. One alternative solution is to pitch the yeast directly into the fermentation tank, after checking the temperature of the wort, which should be above 20°C. Pour in the yeast gradually so that the entire surface of the wort is evenly covered with it, to avoid the formation of lumps. Leave for 30 minutes, then mix with aeration or by adding additional volume of wort.


An important feature of the use of this product is the need to complete the fermentation cycle, which lasts 7-10 days. Otherwise, there is a risk of increased acetaldehyde (the appearance of a strong aroma of green apples). If the fermentation temperature regime is not observed, more than 24 degrees, ethereal (fruity) shades may appear in the beer. 


Order brewer's yeast Fermentis Safale US-05 in the original packaging in 11.5 gr. you can in the store "Proliteh". We offer original goods in a batch of any volume (from one package) with shipment across Ukraine by Nova Poshta. For more information, please contact your consultant over the phone.




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