The online store of the Prolitech company offers to buy alcohol yeast on favorable terms:

  • a large selection of brands and varieties;
  • high quality products, confirmed by certificates;
  • the opportunity to buy moonshine yeast at retail and wholesale;
  • consultation of a specialist in the selection of goods for home brewing;
  • competitive price, which is explained by direct cooperation with manufacturers;
  • several convenient payment methods and delivery of the order to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

Features of alcohol yeast

A few years ago, traditional baker's or brewer's yeast was used in home brewing. But today the moonshiner got the opportunity to order special yeast for moonshine. Alcohol yeast cultures are special markers that are designed for the preparation of strong alcoholic beverages. They differ from other types of yeast in the following characteristics:

  • less foaming;
  • high fermentation rate;
  • high strength of fermented raw materials (up to 17 degrees);
  • attractive smell of mash, which has a positive effect on the organoleptic parameters of moonshine.

In simple words, yeast for sugar mash allows you to get a high-quality strong alcoholic drink at home. And the production is inexpensive, since the consumption of special yeast is much less than with traditional baker's yeast.

What is a special yeast formulation? Spirit yeast is a ready-made mixture of yeast cultures and special substances that contribute to the successful fermentation of mash. These formulations use high alcohol tolerant grades of fungus that exhibit stable fermentation and provide an attractive flavor and aroma to the distillate. Additives in yeast formulations maintain the required level of nitrogen, micro- and macroelements in raw materials. On average, mash is ready in 3-14 days. But if you use special turbo yeast, then fermented raw materials can be obtained in just a day. Alcoholic dry yeast is consumed on average at a ratio of 2.5 grams per 10 liters of wort.

Alcoholic yeast for moonshine is distinguished by purpose:

  • for grain alcohols - the composition includes the enzyme glucoamylase, which breaks down complex grain sugars;
  • for fruits and berries - the composition contains the enzyme pectinase, which contributes to the maximum release of liquid from fruits);
  • for rum (a distillate from fermented sugarcane juice) - in the composition of nutrients, vitamins and the enzyme glucoamylase;
  • for vodka - due to the special composition of alcohol yeast (it includes sorbents), after distillation of the mash, a soft drink is obtained without a specific taste and smell.

Our consultants will help you choose the right alcohol yeast for moonshine, cognac or other strong drink. Contact the Prolitech store manager by phone, we will be happy to answer your questions.

How is alcohol yeast used?

Pressed or dry alcohol yeast for moonshine is used according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is important to follow the recommendations on the package to be sure of a positive result. If the product is used at a different temperature, in a different proportion, then the responsibility for the final result lies solely with the user.

Which alcohol yeast is best?

The modern market for yeast products for home brewing is quite saturated. Manufacturers from different countries offer brands and varieties of alcohol yeast for every taste and budget. But in order to purchase a really high-quality product that will provide a guaranteed result, you need to know where to buy branded yeast. In Ukraine, such a resource is the online store of the Prolitech company. Direct cooperation with the largest profile manufacturers allows us to offer high-quality original products for winemaking, beer and home brewing at a competitive price. Narrow specialization - products for the production of beer, wine and quality distillates - this is our strength. We carefully research the market for new products, compare offers from different manufacturers in order to supply only the best to Ukraine.

Study, order, and we will send all your purchases to the Dnieper, Kiev and Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and Krivoy Rog, Mariupol, Zaporozhye and any other city in the country. And if you are not sure about the choice, write to us or call. We will help. You can also buy hops, malt, aromatics, equipment and accessories for home alcohol production from us.

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