Yeast Koji Angel

Yeast Koji Angel
Yeast Koji Angel
Дрожжи Кодзи Ангел предназначены для приготовления браг методом «холодного осахаривания» крупы или муки зерновых
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About product

About product Yeast Koji Angel

The online store of the Prolitech company offers to buy Koji yeast in factory packaging of 500 grams on favorable terms. When buying two or more packs of dry yeast culture, there are significant discounts.

Yeast Koji Angel for making mash in home and industrial conditions

To make moonshine, it is not enough to buy a distiller. It will not be possible to get alcohol without mash. And to make the raw materials of high quality, experienced distillers use Koji Angel yeast.⠀

The peculiarity of the culture is that it is used to prepare mash without the additional use of enzymes from malt, wheat and other starchy ingredients. Mushrooms work on the principle of "cold saccharification". That is, the user does not need to prepare grain mash before putting it on fermentation. Koji do everything themselves. And in the composition of this product there are already enzymes that increase the alcohol content in Braga.⠀

Benefits of Koji Angel Yeast

  • To put the mash, there is no need for pre-cooking.
  • You can brew moonshine without preparing the wort, so you don’t have to buy additional equipment - a trowel, a bubbler.
  • The distiller does not need to buy enzymes, and then measure their dosage, add them to the raw material. Enzymes are already present in Koji Angel.

It turns out that Koji yeast saves time and positively affects the fermentation processes of the wort. For these two effects, both beginners and experienced moonshiners prefer to buy Koji yeast.⠀

Yeast Koji Angel: characteristics

  • The consumption of yeast per kilogram of raw materials is 5-10 grams.
  • Fermentation temperature - 25-26 degrees.
  • Fermentation speed - 1-3 weeks.
  • The alcohol content in mash is up to 14%.
  • The country of production is China.

How to use Koji Yeast

50 grams of Koji yeast is enough to make 25 liters of grain mash. Among the required ingredients are 20 liters of water and 5 kg of malt, which can be replaced with grain or flour. The algorithm for setting the mash is as follows:

  • Disinfection of the fermentation tank.
  • Malt or cereals are poured into a container, poured with purified hot water (for disinfection purposes).
  • When the wort has cooled to room temperature of 25 degrees, yeast is added to the mixture.
  • When foam appears on the surface of the mixture, the mixture is stirred.
  • The container is tightly closed and placed for fermentation under a water seal.
  • The first five days you need to open the container twice a day to mix the contents. Next, you need to mix the mash every 5 days.
  • After 2-3 weeks, the mash will be ready.

Enzyme-containing product Koji Angel received the highest reviews from distillers. They are used all over the world by amateurs and experts involved in the production of elite alcohol. Now they are available for consumers from Ukraine. You will find the best price offer at Prolitech.

We offer to buy Koji Yeast in any city in the country. It is possible to deliver an order in Kiev by courier service, and to other regions of Ukraine it is possible to send it by Nova Poshta.


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