Sambuca style liqueur spice set

Sambuca style liqueur spice set
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About product Sambuca style liqueur spice set

Sambuca Recipe

For everything you will need:

  • 2.6 liters of alcohol with a strength of 40-45%
  • A set of spices for liqueur in the style of Sambuca (the set is designed for 3 liters of the finished product)
  • Sugar - 450 g
  • Water - 300 ml

The drink is easy to prepare. Water must be placed in a saucepan, pour a set of spices there, bring to a boil and add sugar. Cook, stirring, until the sugar dissolves, then hold on the lowest heat for another 15 minutes. Now alcohol is poured directly into the hot mixture. Everything is closed with a lid and infused for about an hour, the saucepan can be additionally wrapped with a towel.

Strain the completely cooled liquid through gauze (not very carefully), pour into an airtight container. You can try now, but it is better to let it brew for a week or two. After rest, if necessary, filter the drink again with cotton wool and that's it - homemade anise liqueur is ready!


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Anise, fennel, coriander, lemon peel