Yeast Saflager S-23, 500g

Yeast Saflager S-23, 500g
Рекомендуются для производства фруктовых и эфирных профилей пива типа лагер.
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About product

About product Yeast Saflager S-23, 500g

The Prolitech company offers craft brewing enthusiasts to buy high-quality yeast stamps developed at VLB Berlin (Berlin Institute for Research and Biotechnology). We are talking about such a product as the brewer's yeast Fermentis Saflager S-23, better known in the industrial production of ester and fruit classic Pils under the designation RH.


PRODUCT FEATURES: Dry yeast Saflager S-23, produced by the famous French manufacturer Fermentis, is packaged and sealed in vacuum packs of 500 gr. Thanks to this, this yeast stamp can be used by both amateurs who brew a hoppy drink at home, and owners of small microbreweries engaged in commercial beer production. Since Fermentis Saflager S-23 is a bottom fermenting yeast, the finished beer has a long aftertaste.




DOSAGE: 0.5 g per 1 liter of must


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: For sowing, measure 80-120 grams of dry yeast Safel US-05 per 100 liters of must or pure water, the temperature of which is +14°C (± 2°C). If the temperature is below +12°C, the dosage should be increased to 200-300 grams per 100 liters.


A yeast suspension should form within 15-30 minutes. The next step is uniform mixing for 30 minutes. After making sure that the suspension has acquired the required consistency, pour it into the fermentation tank.


The fermentation temperature recommended by Fermentis ranges from +9°C to +15°C, but experienced brewers advise keeping the temperature at +12°C.


The online store for brewers Prolitech offers quality original yeast Saflager S-23, with which you can brew Pils and Lager beer. Reasonable price and fast delivery will please you. You can order the required quantity, both on the pages of the site and by contact phone number.




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