Yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 11.5 gr

Yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 11.5 gr

Yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 11.5 gr
Safbrew Для производства широкого спектра пива различных сортов, среди которых пиво аббатского (монастырского) стиля
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About product

About product Yeast SafAle BE-256 (Abbaye) 11.5 gr

Online store "Prolitech" is pleased to present Fermentis Safale BE-256 (Abbaye) brewer's yeast, which is used in specialized factories and private breweries for the production of strong beer profiles. For example, this strain is suitable for the manufacture of the monastery type of Abei with a high alcohol content. A feature of the product is the fast fermentation kinetics, which results in a perfectly balanced aroma. A feature of the application was the need to quickly remove the fermented yeast to preserve the taste and aromatic characteristics.


PRODUCT FEATURES: Buying dry yeast Fermentis Safel BE-256 is recommended for creating strong beer of the abbey, monastic type. A high fermentation rate allows the best way to reveal a delicate harmonious aroma. Another feature of the products is an extended shelf life, so they are convenient to transport and store. Other characteristics of this yeast culture include:

  • High resistance to alcohols.
  • high flocculation.
  • high phenolicity.
  • High ethereality.
  • The optimum fermentation temperature is 15-20 degrees.




DOSAGE: 11.5 g per 20-30 liters of must


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Sprinkle the yeast over the surface of sterile water or wort at 25-29°C. The volume of liquid should be 10 times the volume of yeast. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Gently stir for 30 minutes, then add the resulting suspension to the fermentation tank. One alternative solution is to pitch the yeast directly into the fermentation tank, after checking the temperature of the wort, which should be above 20°C. Pour in the yeast gradually so that the entire surface of the wort is evenly covered with it, to avoid the formation of lumps. Leave for 30 minutes, then mix with aeration or by adding additional volume of wort.


The Prolitech online store demonstrates the best prices for all catalog products, including Safel BE-256. This is due to direct cooperation with the manufacturer, from which we receive products at a partner cost. Each batch is accompanied by a certificate of conformity, so we guarantee high quality.


We offer to order a strain in the factory packaging of 11.5 gr. Delivery of goods to any city of Ukraine is possible. You can apply on the website or by phone. In the telephone mode, you can get advice from the manager. We will answer all questions.




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