TDS-meter (salinity meter in water)

TDS-meter (salinity meter in water)
TDS-meter (salinity meter in water)
TDS-meter (salinity meter in water)
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About product

About product TDS-meter (salinity meter in water)

TDS-meter (meter) of the general mineralization (salinity) of water. Measuring range: 0-9999 ppm. Accuracy: ±5%. Included: TDS-meter, instructions.

1.  Turn on the meter with the "ON \ OFF" button.

2.  Pour a small amount of the substance to be measured into a container, such as a glass.

3.  Drop a TDS meter in there.

4. The measurement results will appear on the screen (in order to fix the results, press the “HOLD” button.


Mineralization (salinity) measurement range 0 - 9990 ppm (mg/l)

Estimation of the total hardness of water by converting mineralization into a unit of hardness: 1 dH = 17.8 ppm, 1 f = 10 ppm, 1 meq/l = 50.05 ppm CaCO3

Temperature measurement range 0-80C

Accuracy ±5%

Power: 2x1.5 batteries included

Battery life - over 1000 hours of continuous use

Weight 34 g



Features TDS-meter (salinity meter in water)

Диапазон измерений минерализации (солесодержания) 0 - 9990 частиц на миллион (мг/л)

Оценка общей жесткости воды преобразованием минерализации в единицу жесткости: 1 dH = 17.8 ppm, 1 f = 10 ppm, 1 мг-экв/л = 50.05 ppm CaCO3

Диапазон измерений температуры 0-80C

Погрешность ±5%

Питание: батареи 2x1,5 в комплекте

Продолжительность работы от батарей - свыше 1000 часов непрерывного использования

Вес 34 г