Viking Chocolate Malt (Chocolate)

Viking Chocolate Malt (Chocolate)

Viking Chocolate Malt (Chocolate)
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About product

About product Viking Chocolate Malt (Chocolate)

Prolitech, a specialized online store for brewers, offers to buy high-quality Viking Chocolate malt at a very attractive price. This important component for beer is made by the famous European brand Viking Malt (Finland) from selected Pilsner malt, which is subjected to a special roasting technique.

As a finished product, Viking Chocolate malt has zero amylolytic activity and low fermentable extract. This important beer component is used in the formulation of such types of intoxicating drinks as Porter and Staut. It is also used to brew dark ales.

Features Chocolate Viking Malt

Even with a slight introduction of it into the brewing recipe, a change in the color of the drink is observed, notes of dark chocolate appear in the taste, and the aroma of roasted coffee is also added.

Main characteristics of Viking Chocolate:

  • Malt color - 800-1000 EBC.
  • Humidity - no more than 2.0%.
  • The share in grist is up to 10.0%.

Favorable offer from Prolitech

We offer reasonable prices and convenient packaging of Finnish Viking Chocolate malt. Packaging options - 1 and 25 kg. When making a purchase, you can order its delivery to any city in Ukraine.


Up to 10% in bulk.

Weight: 1

Features Viking Chocolate Malt (Chocolate)

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