Malt CHATEAU PAYL EL® (Pale Ale)

Malt CHATEAU PAYL EL® (Pale Ale)

Malt CHATEAU PAYL EL® (Pale Ale)
Светлые эли, горькие сорта пива, большинство традиционных сортов английского пива. До 80% смеси
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About product

About product Malt CHATEAU PAYL EL® (Pale Ale)

We would like to bring to your attention Château Pale Ale malt, produced on the malt houses of the oldest company in Europe, Castle Malting (Belgium), founded in the 19th century. You can buy this important component for beer in the Prolitech online store at a very attractive price. You can order any packaging that is convenient for you from the available ones - 1 and 25 kg. The minimum order is only 1 kg, which is very convenient for those who brew beer and other intoxicating drinks on their own at home.

Features of the Belgian product

Chateau Pale Ale malt is produced using a special malting technology for 9 days and dried at a temperature of + 90…95°C. Selected malting barley is used as raw material.

Château Pale Ale is used in beer recipes for the preparation of intoxicating drinks, either as the main (100%) component, or in combination with Pilsen 2RS malt. This combination allows you to get a richer color of the drink and a stronger malt flavor.

Main characteristics:

  • Chromaticity -7.0-10.0 EBC.
  • Humidity - no more than 4.5%.
  • Malt loading - up to 100%.
  • Extractivity in dry matter (min) - 80.0%.
  • Protein (max) - 11.0%.

Pale Ale Château malt can be used to brew many traditional English beers, pale ales, many bitter beers, and more.


Up to 80% in bulk.


Crop year 2018

Parameter unit of measurement MIN. MAX.
Mass fraction of moisture %   4.5
Mass fraction of extract in dry matter % 80.0  
The difference between the mass fractions of extracts in the dry matter of fine and coarse malt % 1.0 2.5
Color of laboratory wort EBC(Lov.) 7.0 (3.2) 10.0 (4.3)
Mass fraction of proteins in the dry matter of malt (Total protein) %   11.5
Soluble protein % 4.0 4.6
Kolbach number % 38.0 45.0
Wort viscosity cp   1.6
Diastatic properties WK 250  
Friability % 80.0  
NDMA ppb   2.5
Filtration   В норме
Light base Belgian malt. Dried at temperatures up to 90 - 95°C.
Pale ales, bitter beers, most traditional English beers. Up to 80% mixture.

Weight: 1

Features Malt CHATEAU PAYL EL® (Pale Ale)

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