Malt Chateau Muniq 25 EBC

Malt Chateau Muniq 25 EBC
Солод насыщенного золотого цвета. Слегка повышает цветность пива, придавая ему золотисто-оранжевый оттенок. Большинству сортов пива придает ярко выраженный аромат зерна и солода, не влияя при этом на стойкость пены или на крепость
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About product

About product Malt Chateau Muniq 25 EBC

Prolitech offers professional brewers and amateurs of home brewing the products of the well-known Belgian brand Castle Malting – Château Munich malt. You can buy it in our Prolitech online store at a very attractive price.

Belgian beer malt Chateau Muniq 25 EBC has a characteristic rich golden color, enhances the color of the hoppy drink (gives the beer a light golden-orange hue). As a key ingredient in Château Munich's brewing technology for beer, it provides strongly pronounced malt tones and barley aromas. At the same time, it does not have any effect on the strength of the drink itself or the stability of the foam.

Product Features

Château Munich Belgian malt can be used as a base ingredient in almost any beer recipe. It has the following characteristics:

  • Malt color - 21.0-28.0 EBC.
  • The proportion of grist (enzymatic activity) - up to 60.0%.
  • Extractivity (minimum) - 80.0%.
  • Total protein - 11.5%.

It is used to brew the following products - pale ales, light lager, amber, brown and dark beers, classic and strong intoxicating drinks, Bock beer.

Using the capabilities of our online store, you can order any amount of Chateau Munic malt. Available in packs of 1, 5 and 25 kilograms. Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by a proven and reliable carrier!


Up to 60% in the total grist.

Parameter unit of measurement MIN. MAX.

Mass fraction of moisture
%   4.5

Mass fraction of extract in dry matter
% 80.0  

Color of laboratory wort
EBC(Lov.) 21.0 (8.4) 28.0 (11.1)

Mass fraction of protein substances in the dry matter of malt (Total protein)
%   11.5

Wort clarity

Weight: 1

Features Malt Chateau Muniq 25 EBC

Properties Features
Тип солода Базовый солод

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