Rye malt BEST Rye Malt

Rye malt BEST Rye Malt
Ржаной пивоваренный солод
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About product

About product Rye malt BEST Rye Malt

Anyone who brews on a commercial scale or at home, the Prolitech online store recommends buying BEST Rye Malt rye malt. This high-quality product, manufactured at the BESTMALZ malting plants (Germany), is intended for the preparation of a wide range of intoxicating drinks:

  • Any kind of rye beer.
  • Rye Indian Pale Ale.
  • Beer (Ale) top-fermented.
  • Beer products, whose recipe involves the use of different grains.

How is it used?

BEST Rye Malt affects beer and ale in the following ways:

  • Forms a unique structure of the drink.
  • Gives a recognizable soft (velvety) taste.
  • The aroma contains characteristic notes of the aroma of breadcrumbs.

Main parameters of Rye Malt BESTMALZ:

  • Humidity - no more than 5.0%.
  • Malt color - 5.0-10.0 EBC.
  • Backfilling – up to 50.0%.
  • Extractivity in dry matter (MIN) - 84.9%.

Favorable offer of the company "Prolitech"

We offer optimal, competitive prices for all products manufactured under the BESTMALZ brand. In our online store you can order Rye Malt rye malt in any quantity from 1 kilogram. Packing is offered in 1 and 25 kg. Wholesale buyers discount.


Up to 50% in bulk.

EBC chromaticity

EBC цветность сусла для ржи

Weight: 1

Features Rye malt BEST Rye Malt

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Тип солода Солод из других злаков

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