Malt Pilsen (Ukraine)

Malt Pilsen (Ukraine)
Светлый отечественный солод высокого качества. Произведен из лучшего украинского ячменя по современным технологиям. Достойная замена европейским аналогам по доступным ценам!
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About product

About product Malt Pilsen (Ukraine)

Popular light malt Pilsen from a domestic manufacturer offers to buy the company "Prolitech" in Kiev with delivery to any corner of Ukraine. The products are produced by the Slavuta Malt Plant in full compliance with the patented Belgian technology. The price of Pilsen malt produced in Ukraine is much lower than that of its foreign counterpart. And the quality of our product is second to none!

Description of Pilsen malt

For the production of Pilsen malt, the best germinated two-row spring barley is used, which is dried in a chamber at a temperature of 85°C to a moisture mass fraction of 4.6%. The color of the finished product is 3.5 EBC.

Pilsen malt is used in brewing, whiskey production, and baking. This malt variety has stable characteristics. In the beer business, it is used at 100% loading for the production of light beers. It can also be added in prescription proportions for other varieties. It is used in brewing lager, ale. Pilsen malt endows the hoppy drink with a delicate aftertaste with nutty notes, a sweetish aroma, and high enzymatic activity. It is easily overwritten when brewing beer using infusion technology.

Buy Pilsen malt inexpensively

If earlier it was only possible to buy Pilsen Malt in Ukraine imported, today the product is produced by Slavuta Malt Plant PJSC. Buying a small, for example, trial batch of goods directly from the manufacturer can cause certain difficulties, while in the Prolitex store you can order any volume of products (from one kg) with delivery to any region of Ukraine. The retail price for malt differs by an affordable level, as we buy it from the manufacturer at a large wholesale price. You can place an order for a product on the website or by phone.

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