Caramel malt BEST Caramel® Amber

Caramel malt BEST Caramel® Amber

Caramel malt BEST Caramel® Amber
Применяется для всех янтарных и темных стилей пива, Märzen, все виды пшеничного пива, Bock, Amber Ale, Amber Lager
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About product

About product Caramel malt BEST Caramel® Amber

Caramel malt BEST Caramel Amber, offered by the online store at a bargain price, is designed to enhance the characteristic beer aroma of the produced hop products. Also, this important component of the brewing recipe performs the following functions for beer:

  • Increases the durability of the foam.
  • Makes the drink darker.
  • Improves the taste of beer, making it richer and fuller.

Features of the products of the German malt company BESTMALZ

Best Caramel Amber malt is produced from sprouted green barley roasted using a special technology. Thanks to this unique processing technology, the unique strong aroma of BESTMALZ is obtained.

The main parameters of BEST CaramelAmber:

  • Humidity - no more than 4.5%.
  • Chromaticity - 61-80 EBC.
  • Backfilling – up to 50.0%.

With its help, beer or ale is given a nutty-caramel taste of high intensity, and the drink also acquires a sweet aftertaste, becomes darker. It is recommended to buy BEST Caramel Amber malt if you plan to brew amber and dark beers (barley, wheat types), Amber Ale and Lager, other styles of intoxicating drinks.

You can order products of the German brand BESTMALZ in the Prolitech online store in 1 and 25 kg packaging.


Up to 50% in bulk.

EBC Value Amber

Weight: 1

Features Caramel malt BEST Caramel® Amber

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