Malt BEST Special X®

Malt BEST Special X®
BEST Special X® придает пиву гладкий аромат, напоминающий изюм или сухофрукты
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About product

About product Malt BEST Special X®

BEST Special X® gives the beer a smooth flavor reminiscent of raisins or dried fruits. Beer acquires from chestnut to dark shade (depending on the amount) and fragrant harmonious rich character. The malt, however, does not impart bitter roasted aromas, but rather brings a soft smoothness to the beer without any of the astringent qualities associated with other dark malts.


BEST Special X® - it is a cool and "tricky" malt product. Any artisan should try this malt in their creations and impress with its rich combination of flavors.



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Тип солода Крафтовый солод

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