Malt BEST Smoked

Malt BEST Smoked
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About product

About product Malt BEST Smoked

The products of the European brand BESTMALZ (Germany) are well known to both professional brewers and those who like to make intoxicating drinks on their own at home. Prolitech offers to buy at a bargain price the original German BEST Smoked malt, with which you can brew beer with a characteristic smoke aroma of smoldering wood (beech), with a taste of raw smoked ham.

It should be noted that BESTMALZ Best Smoke malt can be used not only for beer (dark and wheat), porter, ale, lager, but also for whiskey. The intensity of the aroma of beech wood smoke is regulated by the dosage and percentage of this component in the bookmark. It is recommended to start at 20.0% and then increase to a maximum of 100.0%.

Main parameters of BEST Smoked:

  • Humidity - no more than 5.5%.
  • Color - 3.0-8.0 EBC.
  • Backfilling – up to 100.0%.
  • Extractivity in dry matter (MIN) - 77.0%.

It is very easy to order BEST Smoked beer malt with a unique aroma and memorable taste properties in the Prolitech online store. Fill out the appropriate form or call the manager of our company. A convenient packaging format of 1 and 25 kg allows you to form purchase lots of any volume.


Up to 100% in bulk.

шкала цветности сусла BEST Smoked

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