Malt BEST Red X ®

Malt BEST Red X ®
BEST Red X® специально создан для производства различного пива красных оттенков. Вы можете использовать RED X в 100%-тной закладке - другой солод не понадобится
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About product

About product Malt BEST Red X ®

The Prolitech company offers brewers and distillers to buy BEST Red X malt in Ukraine at a bargain price. This unique ingredient will be appreciated by those who prefer to brew an intoxicating drink of deep red color. The product was specially developed by German technologists for the production of red or amber ale, wheat dark beers. As a rule, its 100% loading saves the brewer from having to use other types of malt.

German impeccable quality, as well as high flexibility and ease of processing, make BEST Red X malt suitable for brewing a foamy product with rich color. Red X malt can be purchased to create a wide range of new beers for both experienced and novice brewers. Since the use of this type of malt leads to an increase in the density of the wort, in stronger beers, Red X is used to maintain a red tint in small quantities. For beers above 12°P gravity, Red X malt is used in a blend with Pilsener or PaleAle base malts. This will keep the red color.

Characteristics of BEST Red X malt

  • This malt is designed for beers with an initial gravity of 12°P.
  • The mass fraction of moisture is 4.9%.
  • Friability - 76%.
  • Vitreousness - 2.5%.
  • Total protein - 12%.
  • Color EBC - 32.0

Why is it profitable to buy at Prolitech?

We offer Red X malt to buy at the most favorable price in Ukraine (taking into account guarantees, product quality, level of service). We work directly with manufacturers, so you can be sure of the originality of the product. When buying a batch of 5 kg you get additional discounts. You can find out the details of cooperation, as well as the conditions for regular supplies of malt and other ingredients for the production of beer, from the company manager by phone.

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Features Malt BEST Red X ®

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