Malt BEST Pale Ale

Malt BEST Pale Ale
Солод Пэль Эль усиливает светлый `золотистый` цвет пива верхового брожения, создает приятный аромат
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About product

About product Malt BEST Pale Ale

Best Pale Ale Malt is a professional base malt used as the base for many beer styles. Its feature is versatility, as well as the ability to balance the taste and aroma of the drink. In the preparation of traditional bitter beer, this type of malt is used to give the product pronounced malty notes. In industrial brewing, Best Pale Ale malt is used to make pilsners, porters, stouts, Belgian and Irish ales. Also, this malt variety has become widespread in home brewing for consistently high results of its use. You can buy it at a bargain price in our store.

Product Features

Best Pale Ale malt is produced from selected high-grade two-row barley by thermal treatment using a special technology. The brewing product obtained in this way is characterized by high extractivity and fermentation. This malt can be used in combination with other malts such as Pilsen for more intense color and richer flavor. Share in backfill from 10 to 100%.

You can order Best Pale Ale malt with delivery across Ukraine by Nova Poshta. Placing orders through the website form or by phone.


Up to 100% in bulk.

Width: 20
Height: 4
Lenghth: 30
Weight: 1

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Тип солода Базовый солод

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