pH meter digital

pH meter digital
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About product pH meter digital

PH Meter Digital (P-009)

This model of pH meter great for measuring the pH level in a variety of food liquids. The device differs in speed of measurements and accuracy. The advantage of this device against paper testers is obvious, the accuracy of paper strips is highly dependent on the human factor, since it is not always possible to accurately compare the color of the indicator paper with the color chart by eye. The measurement procedure is simple - immerse the device with the electrode in the liquid and the pH readings will be displayed on the screen.

Instructions for use:

1. Remove the cap, turn on the RN-009 with the button and immerse it in the solution to the maximum allowable level (up to the level of the closed lid).

2. Stir gently and wait 30 seconds for the display to stabilize.

3. After use, rinse the electrode (preferably in distilled water) from possible contamination and turn off the device.

4. Always close the protective cap when not using the pH meter.


PH-009 refers to single-point PH-meters. Single-point pH meters are usually calibrated with a buffer liquid with a pH value of 4-4.1pH or 6.86pH (bags for diluting buffer liquids are supplied, the bag is diluted with 250 ml of distilled water). Immerse the pH meter to the maximum level in the 25 C buffer solution and stir the solution for 30 seconds. Wait for the measurement to stabilize on the display. Calibration is carried out by turning the adjusting screw clockwise and counterclockwise until the meter reading matches the pH value of the buffer liquid. The rotation of the screw moves the pH line of the device parallel to the axis of the "real pH value" and the task of calibrating the pH meter is to match these lines.

In chemical laboratories, it is necessary to calibrate the pH meter every 2 weeks. For home use, it is enough to calibrate the pH meter once every six months.




Acidity measuring range

0 - 14 pH

Measurement step

0,1 pH


±0,1 pH


152х29х20 mm


51 г


1. pH meter in storage case.

2. Mini screwdriver.

3. Two bags for dilution of buffer liquids 4-4.1pH and 6.86pH.


Features pH meter digital

Технические характеристики:



Диапазон измерения кислотности

0 - 14 pH

Шаг измерения

0,1 pH


±0,1 pH


152х29х20 мм


51 г