Nozzle copper RPN-M 1 m

Nozzle copper RPN-M 1 m
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About product

About product Nozzle copper RPN-M 1 m

Panchenkov's nozzle is a regular wire nozzle used in cage distillers to increase the degree of purification, allowing you to get a purer distillate by filtering vapors from fusel oils and various impurities. The Panchenkov tap-changer perfectly copes with its task, namely, it creates a developed surface for heat-mass exchange between steam and phlegm, in the process of distillation and rectification. With the help of a nozzle, you are guaranteed to get rid of the smell of sulfur compounds, which is clearly felt in grandfather's drink - yes, it is for this effect that Panchenkov's copper nozzle is so valued.