Calibration kit for pH meters

Calibration kit for pH meters
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About product

About product Calibration kit for pH meters

         The set consists of 2 bags of calibration powders, each with its own pH level. Having such a kit, it becomes possible to calibrate almost any portable pH meter, monitor the accuracy of its readings and receive obviously reliable data.

Preparation of buffer solution for calibration:
To prepare the calibration (buffer) solution, a 250 ml plastic or glass vessel with visible volume divisions is taken. Fixanal is poured into the vessel and distilled or deionized water (with a temperature of 25 ° C) is carefully poured through the funnel, the volume is brought to 250 ml and stirred. The calibration solution is ready.

         pH Meter Calibration: Immerse the pH meter in the 25°C solution, stirring gently for about 30 seconds. Wait for the readings on the screen/display of the instrument to stabilize. As a rule, calibration is performed by turning the adjusting screw. The values displayed by the meter must match the known pH value of the calibration solution.
Buffer solutions deteriorate when exposed to air and light. Therefore, they should be stored in sealed opaque containers at room temperature, protected from light.