Yeast SafSpirit™ HG-1, 0.5 kg

Yeast SafSpirit™ HG-1, 0.5 kg

Yeast SafSpirit™ HG-1, 0.5 kg
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About product

About product Yeast SafSpirit™ HG-1, 0.5 kg

It is used for fermentation with high density. High tolerance to alcohol (up to 18% vol.). Very good resistance to osmotic pressure and high temperatures (thermotolerant yeast). This strain produces consistently large populations during high gravity fermentation, allowing you to maximize yeast cell productivity with optimal energy utilization. It mainly produces alcohol with a neutral aromatic profile. Suitable for the fermentation of all types of musts, mashes or juices produced from various types of cereals, potatoes or other types of starchy substrates, sugar cane, agave or sugar solution. 

FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: optimal t=25°C - 35°C. This strain can carry out fermentation at lower temperatures with slower enzymatic kinetics. At elevated temperatures, yeast can ferment with a lower total alcohol yield than at normal temperatures.

DOSAGE: 30 - 50 g per 100 l

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