Distiller 24l with dephlegmator

Distiller 24l with dephlegmator

Distiller 24l with dephlegmator
Distiller 24l with dephlegmator
Distiller 24l with dephlegmator
Distiller 24l with dephlegmator
Distiller 24l with dephlegmator
Distiller 24l with dephlegmator
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brand: Alambik
About product

About product Distiller 24l with dephlegmator

Advantages of alambika on clamps

The distiller "Phoenix" on the clamps is an excellent choice for both a beginner and an experienced distiller.


Thanks to the well-thought-out design, this device provides a high degree of cleaning. The main role of purification belongs to the copper column, which can be used universally for aromatization and to achieve the highest degree of purification.

Alcohol vapors rise along the aroma column, condense there and flow back into the distillation cube. The aroma column can be filled with copper RPN-M to increase the degree of purification, which allows you to get a cleaner product.

Thanks to the clamp connections, the device can be improved. You can purchase additional equipment and use the new features of the device. (adding copper helmet, dephlegmator or distillation plates)

An electronic temperature sensor allows you to accurately control the temperature during the distillation process, which should be within 78-79⁰С to obtain a better product. The tap at the bottom of the tank makes it easy to drain the mash. A wide mouth makes it easy to rinse the distillation cube after making a drink, and a gasket made of food-grade silicone ensures tightness and does not let in an unpleasant smell of impurities during operation.



Save time on distillation. At the first distillation, you get a high-quality distillate. 9 passages in the reflux condenser and their length of 24 cm is ideal for this distillation cube, which made it possible to achieve the maximum area of ​​contact of steam with a copper surface for the oxidation of sulfur impurities. In addition, in combination with a needle valve, this allows you to control the temperature of the outgoing steam with an accuracy of half a degree.


Wooden handles

Convenient handles for moving the alambika. Immediately after distillation, you can take and rearrange the apparatus in a suitable place for it. Welded joints Increased service life of the device.


Technological openings for the thermometer

Allows for the most precise temperature control.


Thermal conductivity of copper

Allowed to reduce the size of the refrigerator, in comparison with stainless counterparts, and at the same time achieve a better cooling coefficient. In practice, it is much easier for you to separate acetone impurities and fusel oils.


Recesses in the helmet shell

For easier assembly, and prevents slipping during cleaning.


Minimum details

The assembly of the apparatus is made as simple as possible, all you need to do is put the helmet on the distillation cube and press down a little, expanding during heating, the copper will create the most necessary sealing of the joints, reducing distillation losses to zero. And also connect the supply and drainage of water.



Step by step description of the distillation process. From assembly to the secrets of distillation.