Hydrometer ASP100 (0-100)

Hydrometer ASP100 (0-100)
Hydrometer ASP100 (0-100)
Hydrometer ASP100 (0-100)
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About product

About product Hydrometer ASP100 (0-100)

Hydrometer ASP100 (0-100%) - is used to measure the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol in aqueous solutions.

Measuring range of the device 0-100% vol. allows you to use it with solutions of alcohol of any strength. At the same time, unlike wine glasses, the readings of the alcoholometer correspond to reality.

Measurements are carried out on non-carbonated liquids that have passed through distillation or rectification. Not suitable for measuring the strength of beer, wine or other fermented products.

Immerse the alcohol meter into the liquid, allow it to float without touching the walls of the vessel. Readings are taken along the lower edge of the meniscus.

Supplied in a plastic case.


  • Measuring range: 0-100% vol.
  • Division value: 1%
  • Length:23cm
  • Production: China


  • Glass alcoholmeter: 1 piece
  • Plastic case: 1 piece