Coconut activated charcoal

Coconut activated charcoal
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About product

About product Coconut activated charcoal

Porous granules (pore area more than 1000 m² per 1 gram of product). It has the best properties among activated carbons - high strength and wear resistance. Able to withstand a large number of fluid filtration cycles.

Recommendations for use

  • Water treatment (municipal water supply, industrial wastewater, swimming pools)

  • In the food industry for cleaning alcoholic beverages from fusel oils

  • In brewing, winemaking, as well as in the technology of making long-aged strong drinks (cognac, whiskey, etc.)

  • In filters for water purification from chlorine and impurities

  • Industrial wastewater treatment

  • Purification of alcohol from fusel oils

Purification of distillate with activated carbon


Cleaning the distillate with activated carbon is not difficult. We fill the corner into a container, shake it, put it on exposure (1.5 tablespoons per 500 ml of product). Holding time is at least one hour. Purification of alcohol is best done in a warm room, because. in cold weather it takes more. Periodic stirring favorably affects the speed and quality of cleaning. After the end of the cleaning procedure, the distillate should be filtered through a cotton or ashless filter from small particles of coal. Pure tasty product is ready to use!

You can buy activated carbon for distillate purification in our store.

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