Malt Vienna (Viennese) Viking Malt

Malt Vienna (Viennese) Viking Malt

Malt Vienna (Viennese) Viking Malt
Вкус – тонкий, с нотками карамели и ириски.
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About product

About product Malt Vienna (Viennese) Viking Malt

The online store of the Prolitex company provides all brewers (professionals and amateurs) with the opportunity to buy Vienna malt from the famous Finnish manufacturer Viking Malt at a very affordable price. This important ingredient in beer recipes is great for brewing light beers. It is also often used to enhance flavor and color saturation. Using Vienna Viking Malt malt as a base, they produce a separate type of intoxicating drink - Vienna Lager, which has a characteristic malt flavor and a deep golden color of the drink.

Features of Finnish malt Vienna

For the production of Vienna malt, selected malting barley is used, which, during the folding process, is subjected to a higher temperature treatment than when roasting a similar product of the Pilsner brand. Therefore, Vienna Viking Malt gives the beer not only a deeper golden color, but also an enhanced taste, in which notes of toffee and caramel are clearly read. Main settings:

  • Color - 5.0-9.0 EBC.
  • Enzymatic activity (share of grist) – up to 100.0%.
  • Extractivity (min) - 78.0%.
  • Total protein - 9.0-11.7%.

You can order Vienna malt in our store in any quantity. For convenience of purchase, packing of different weights is offered - 1, 5, 25 and 50 kg. Discounts are provided for regular and wholesale customers.


Up to 100% in the total grist.


Vienna graf 

Weight: 1

Features Malt Vienna (Viennese) Viking Malt

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