Malt Chateau Whiskey Light (Whisky Light)

Malt Chateau Whiskey Light (Whisky Light)

Malt Chateau Whiskey Light (Whisky Light)
Солод Château Whisky Light® разработан специально для производства виски. Окурен шотландским торфом во время просушки, благодаря чему обладает более длительным сроком хранения.
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About product

About product Malt Chateau Whiskey Light (Whisky Light)



Parameter unit of measurement MIN. MAX.
Mass fraction of moisture %   4.5
Soluble extract (0.7 mm) % 76.0  
Soluble extract (0.2 mm) % 80.0  
The difference between the mass fractions of extracts in the dry matter of fine and coarse malt %   2.0
Color of laboratory wort EBC(Lov.) 2.5 (1.5) 4.0 (2.1)
Soluble nitrogen ratio % 35.0 40.0
Soluble nitrogen (dry malt) % 0.5 0.6
Total nitrogen (dry malt) % 1.40 1.65
Friability % 85.0  
NDMA ppb   2.0
Homogeneity % 98.0  
fermentable extract % 87.0  
Expected alcohol content (PSY) l/t 406.0  
DP oIOB 63.0  
Phenol content ppm 15 25
Château Whiskey Light® malt has been specifically developed for whisky production. Fumigated with Scottish peat while drying, resulting in a longer shelf life.
Gives whiskey a soft, "smoky" aroma. The perfect ingredient to create a unique whisky.
All types of whiskey. Up to 100% mix
Terms and conditions of storage:
Malt should be stored in a clean, cool (< 22°C) and dry (< 35% humidity) environment. Under these conditions, it is recommended to use ground malt within 3 months, whole grain - within 24 months after the date of its manufacture.

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Тип солода Функциональные солода

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