Malt Chateau Whiskey (CHÂTEAU WHISKY)

Malt Chateau Whiskey (CHÂTEAU WHISKY)

Malt Chateau Whiskey (CHÂTEAU WHISKY)
Солод Château Whisky разработан специально для производства виски. Окурен шотландским торфом во время просушки, благодаря чему обладает более длительным сроком хранения
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About product

About product Malt Chateau Whiskey (CHÂTEAU WHISKY)

Chateau Whiskey malt is specially produced for making whiskey. This ingredient of the beer and distillery sector is suitable for the manufacture of any kind of distillate. In the tab, its use up to 100% is allowed. The main characteristics of the product include a color index (EBC) of 2.5 - 4.5 and a phenol content of 45 ppm. You can buy Chateau Whiskey malt for home production of strong alcohol in our store at a bargain price.


Features of malt Chateau Whiskey

Malt Chateau Whiskey is made from selected barley using the classic malting method. The duration of the cycle is 9 days. The technology provides for uniform germination of all grains. During drying, the grain is fumigated with Scottish peat, due to which the malt acquires a “smoky” aroma and an extended shelf life, which are transferred to whiskey.



Chateau Whiskey malt is produced by Castle Malting. The brand positions its product as a high-grade raw material for elite distillates. The company says it controls the malt production process from harvesting grain from a barley field to packaging dried malt for subsequent shipment to customers. In Ukraine, you can order the required amount of Chateau Whiskey malt, as well as other components for the preparation of strong alcohol and beer, at the Prolitech company.


Parameter unit of measurement MIN. MAX.
Mass fraction of moisture %   4.5
Soluble extract (0.7 mm) % 76.0  
Soluble extract (0.2 mm) % 80.0  
The difference between the mass fractions of extracts in the dry matter of fine and coarse malt %   2.0
Color of laboratory wort EBC(Lov.) 2.5 (1.5) 4.0 (2.1)
Soluble nitrogen ratio % 35.0 40.0
Soluble nitrogen (dry malt) % 0.5 0.6
Total nitrogen (dry malt) % 1.40 1.65
Friability % 85.0  
NDMA ppb   2.0
Homogeneity % 98.0  
Fermentable extract % 87.0  
Expected alcohol content (PSY) l/t 406.0  
DP oIOB 63.0  
Phenol content ppm 30 45
Château Whiskey malt is specifically designed for the production of whisky. Fumigated with Scottish peat while drying, resulting in a longer shelf life.
Gives whiskey a soft, "smoky" aroma. The perfect ingredient to create a unique whisky.
All types of whiskey. Up to 100% mix

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Features Malt Chateau Whiskey (CHÂTEAU WHISKY)

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