Chateau Vienna malt

Chateau Vienna malt
Слегка просушен при температуре до 85 - 90°C; меньшая продолжительность сушки, чем у других типов солода.
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About product

About product Chateau Vienna malt

Crop year 2014

Parameter unit of measurement MIN. MAX.

Mass fraction of moisture
%   4.5

Mass fraction of extract in dry matter
% 80.0  

The difference between the mass fractions of extracts in the dry matter of fine and coarse malt
% 1.5 2.5

Color of laboratory wort
EBC(Lov.) 4.0 (2.1) 7.0 (3.2)

Mass fraction of proteins in the dry matter of malt (Total protein)
%   11.5

Soluble protein
%   4.3

Kolbach number
% 37.0 45.0

Wort viscosity
cr   1.65

% 80.0  

Mass fraction of vitreous grains
%   2.5

minutes Fine


Lightly dried at temperatures up to 85 - 90°C; shorter drying time than other types of malt.


Gives the beer a slightly more intense malt and grain flavor than Pilsen malt, as well as light notes of caramel. Château Vienna malt is dried at a higher temperature than Château Pilsen, so Château Vienna gives the beer a richer golden color, strength and richness of taste. Has enough enzymatic strength to pair well with a wide variety of specialty malts.


All beers, Viennese lager. Enhances the color and aroma of light beer. Up to 100% mixture.

Weight: 1

Features Chateau Vienna malt

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Тип солода Базовый солод

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