Malt Chateau DISTILLING®

Malt Chateau DISTILLING®
About product

About product Malt Chateau DISTILLING®

Château Distilling malt produced by the Belgian company Castle Malting is made from selected barley, which is grown in accordance with the requirements of EU Regulation No. 178/2002. This means that raw materials are carefully controlled for the content of GMOs, pesticides and other chemicals. Belgian malt is characterized by high efficiency and extractivity (over 80%).

Malt Chateau Distilling is made from soaked barley, the moisture content of which, after pre-treatment, reaches 46%. The grain is germinated at a temperature of 12-16°C for 5 days. The whole malting process takes more than 9 days. The initial drying temperature is 50-60°C. At the final stages of drying, the temperature rises to 70-75°C. The protein concentration in malt is about 11.5%.

Château Distilling malt: features of use

Experienced alcohol producers who are interested in where to buy components for whiskey pay special attention to Chateau Distilling. Raw materials are intended for the preparation of whiskey and other high-strength premium alcoholic beverages. The ingredient is suitable for the manufacture of any type of whiskey. Chateau Distilling is characterized by high enzymatic activity and fermentability. An increased concentration of soluble nitrogen reflects the presence of sufficient amino acids to support the wort fermentation process.

The affordable price of Château Distilling malt allows producers of whiskey and other types of strong alcohol to experiment and create drinks with original taste and aroma characteristics. The whiskey ingredient is stored at a temperature not exceeding 22°C and relative humidity not exceeding 35%. Whole grain raw materials are recommended to be used within 24 months. The shelf life of ground raw materials is no more than 3 months.

Château Distilling malt: where to order

Proliteсh LLC specializes in equipping breweries and craft breweries in Ukraine with raw materials and equipment for the production of beer and other alcoholic beverages. You can order high-quality products from European manufacturers from us. Buyers from the cities of Odessa, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog can buy Chateau Distilling malt and receive the ordered goods within 1-2 days. Prompt delivery to the cities of Kiev, Dnipro and Kharkov is guaranteed.


Crop year 2018

Parameter unit of measurement MIN. MAX.
Mass fraction of moisture %   4.5
Mass fraction of extract in dry matter % 80.0  
The difference between the mass fractions of extracts in the dry matter of fine and coarse malt %   2.0
Color of laboratory wort EBC(Lov.) 2.5 (1.5) 4.0 (2.1)
Wort color after boiling EBC(Lov.)   6.0 (2.8)
Mass fraction of proteins in the dry matter of malt (Total protein) %   11.5
Soluble protein % 3.5 4.4
Kolbach number % 35.0 45.0
Friability % 80.0  
Mass fraction of vitreous grains %   2
Expected alcohol content (PSY) l/t 406.0  
During the production of this malt, barley is soaked to achieve a higher than usual grain moisture content - up to 44 - 46%. Germination temperature varies between 12°C - 16°C for five days. Malt drying starts at 50° - 60°C, then the temperature rises to 70° - 75°C.
Château Distilling malt is designed for the production of whiskey and other premium quality spirits. Gives high fermentation activity, appropriate fermentation and level of soluble nitrogen.
All types of whiskey