Malt Pale Ale Viking Malt

Malt Pale Ale Viking Malt
Более насыщенный и полный вкус, чем у Pilsner.
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About product

About product Malt Pale Ale Viking Malt

Prolitech, a specialized online store for brewers, offers at a reasonable price the original product of the well-known Finnish manufacturer Viking Malt - Pale Ale barley malt. Compared to the Pilsner variety, it has a more expressive and full flavor. As raw materials, specially selected varieties of two-row malting barley are used, which undergoes a malting procedure according to a carefully developed technological scheme. The result is a ready-to-use Pale Ale Viking Malt with a uniform structure and quality that will greatly facilitate the mashing process.

Product Features

Finnish Pale Ale malt is used by many brewers (professional and home brewers) for Lager and other light beers, as well as classic pale ales. With the help of this component, craft beer gets a pleasant malty taste and a characteristic aroma with nutty notes. In addition, the color of the drink acquires a golden hue.

Main characteristics:

  • Color - 4.0-6.0 EBC.
  • Humidity - no more than 4.5%.
  • Malt loading - up to 100%.
  • Extractivity in dry matter (minimum) - 79.0%.
  • Protein (maximum value) - 12.5%.

Favorable offer of the company "Prolitech"

It is offered to buy Pale Ale malt of the Finnish brand Viking Malt in our online store in the following packaging - 1 and 25 kg. The minimum quantity that can be ordered is 1 kilogram. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine. Discounts are provided to wholesale and regular customers!


Up to 100% in bulk.

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Features Malt Pale Ale Viking Malt

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