Malt Munich (Munich) Viking Malt

Malt Munich (Munich) Viking Malt

Malt Munich (Munich) Viking Malt
Считается идеальным для варки темных сортов пива типа Лагер, фестивальный и Бок. Придает пиву солодовый и полный вкус.
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About product

About product Malt Munich (Munich) Viking Malt

In its catalog, the online beer store Prolitech presents the products of a well-known Finnish brand - Munich Light Viking Malt malt. It is made from selected brewing (two-row) barley. A specially selected drying mode (temperature range +110°С…+120°С) gives the final malt recognizable nutty, aromatic notes. In addition, due to the high temperature level of the drying process, the enzymatic activity is significantly reduced compared to Pilsner brand malt, this factor should be taken into account by those who make their own recipes for beer.

Features Munich Light Viking Malt

Munich malt is the best option for brewing the following types of beer - dark, festival, providing these hoppy drinks with a malty, rich taste. It is also practiced to add a small amount of Munich Light to the recipe for the preparation of light beer, making the color more saturated and creating a more subtle flavor composition. Main characteristics:

  • Color - 19.0-20.0 EBC.
  • Enzymatic activity of malt (share of grist) – up to 100.0%.
  • Extractivity (minimum) - 78.0%.
  • Total protein - 10.0-12.0%.

You can buy the original Finnish malt Munich Light Viking Malt at a competitive price and in convenient packaging (1, 5, 25 and 50 kg). At the same time we offer to order the delivery of goods. Your purchase will be delivered to any region of Ukraine with maximum efficiency.


Up to 100% in the total grist.



Weight: 1

Features Malt Munich (Munich) Viking Malt

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