Malt BEST Wheat Malt Dark

Malt BEST Wheat Malt Dark
Темный или лучше сказать "мюнхенский вариант" BEST Wheat Malt. Он подходит для приготовления янтарных и темных сортах темного пшеничного пива, а также всех пшеничных элей
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About product

About product Malt BEST Wheat Malt Dark

BEST Wheat Malt Dark is a wheaten dark malt used to give beer a rich brown color and a pronounced malty aroma. This is a great option for top-fermented beers. BEST Wheat Malt Dark allows you to emphasize the lightness, sparkling freshness, classic aroma of wheat beer styles. You can buy it for craft commercial brewing and for experiments at home.

Product Features

BEST Wheat Malt Dark malt is produced from high-grade brewing wheat grown in ecologically clean regions. The manufacturer controls the malt preparation processes at all stages - from the collection of raw materials to the packaging of finished products. It is noteworthy that the malting process is adapted, different from the traditional technology. You can order BEST Wheat Malt Dark malt to enhance the taste and color of classic ales. In this case, the backfill percentage can vary in the range of 5-15%.

We offer original products of a German manufacturer with delivery throughout Ukraine. The price of all brewing products in our store is significantly lower than the average for the Ukrainian market.


Up to 60% in the total grist.


Цветность BEST Wheat Malt Dark


Width: 20
Height: 4
Lenghth: 30
Weight: 1

Features Malt BEST Wheat Malt Dark

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