Malt BEST Vienna (Vienna)

Malt BEST Vienna (Vienna)
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About product

About product Malt BEST Vienna (Vienna)

The Prolitech online store offers to buy the best BEST Vienna malt, which will not only give your beer a rich and full taste, but also increase the degree of transparency of the intoxicating drink. As a raw material, a selected variety of malting barley is used, to which a special malting scheme is applied. One of the distinguishing features of this important component of brewing is its high enzymatic activity.

Product Features

The Best Vienna malt variety is produced by Bestmalz (Germany). Two-row high-quality spring barley for its production is grown in agricultural regions of Europe, which are distinguished by their ecological cleanliness. The main parameters characterizing this beer component:

  • Malt color - 7-10 EBC.
  • Enzymatic activity (share of grist) – up to 100.0%.
  • Extractivity (minimum) - 80.5%.
  • Protein content - 12.0%.

When using BEST Vienna malt in industrial or home brewing processes, you can get a finished product with a pleasant golden hue with a characteristic aftertaste and excellent foam.

This natural raw material should be used for the following types of beer - Viennese, Porter, Golden Ale or Amber Lager.

You can order BEST Vienna malt in a convenient package and at a reasonable price on the pages of our online store. Here you can arrange delivery to any place in Ukraine.


Up to 100% in the total grist.




Width: 20
Height: 4
Lenghth: 30
Weight: 1

Features Malt BEST Vienna (Vienna)

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