Malt BEST Roasted Barley

Malt BEST Roasted Barley
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About product

About product Malt BEST Roasted Barley

The Prolitech online store offers professional brewers and home brewers alike to buy products from the well-known German brand Bestmalz – BEST Roasted Barley malt. This important component is produced using a unique technology from elite varieties of two-row spring barley grown in the central grain regions of Germany. Roasted Barley beer malt is used to make traditional dark beers, as well as Irish and Scottish bitter stouts (Irish and Scottish Stout).

Product Features

BEST Roasted Barley malt not only provides the finished product with a characteristic dark color, but depending on the percentage in the recipe improves the taste, gives a bitter aftertaste reminiscent of Italian espresso or classic brewed black coffee. This beer malt stabilizes head retention.

Main parameters of Roasted Barley malt:

  • Malt color - 1200-1400 EBC.
  • Humidity - no more than 5.5%.
  • Filling in the backfill - up to 5.0%.

This type of malt is used to add color and enhance the aroma of such intoxicating drinks as dark beer, brown ale, porter, Schwarzbier black beer, and other similar varieties.

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Up to 5% in bulk.


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