Malt BEST Munich

Malt BEST Munich
Придаёт насыщенный солодовый вкус с янтарно-темным оттенком пива. Идеально подходит для всех темных сортов пива.
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About product

About product Malt BEST Munich

BEST Munich base malt was developed by German technologists as the basis for such beer styles as dark ale, dark wheat, March, dark lager. This variety of malt, even with a small backfill, gives the drink a deep dark amber color and a pleasant malty aroma. But its 100% application is recommended to obtain the most pronounced result. This product is used in mass industrial brewing, great for home brewing.

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Best Munich malt contributes to the formation of an enzyme-rich base for dark beers. The innovative technology of malting two-row spring barley provides the product with the highest characteristics. It undergoes special heat treatment and is characterized by a high degree of solubility. The quality is confirmed by certificates of independent laboratories, which, at the request of the manufacturer, conducted testing. You can buy Munich malt for beer brown El Alt, Dark Lager or other dark variety at a bargain price in our store. You can order brewing products in any region of Ukraine. Delivery of goods is carried out as soon as possible by New Mail.


Up to 100% in bulk.

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Тип солода Базовый солод

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