Malt BEST Munich Dark

Malt BEST Munich Dark
Базовый ароматный солод. Придает пиву отчетливый солодовый аромат, с отдаленными медовыми нотками.
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About product

About product Malt BEST Munich Dark

The Prolitech specialized beer online store offers all brewers to buy BEST Munich Dark malt, produced by the world famous Bestmalz brand (Germany). Using this component for beer in industrial or home brewing, you will get a hoppy drink with a deep dark color, with unsurpassed taste, with a characteristic malt aroma. The raw material used is two-row selected barley grown in the fields of well-known European agricultural regions.

Features BEST Munich Dark

The malting technology, developed by the German experts Bestmalz, provides the final product with almost complete solubility without loss of other specified qualities. Using BEST Munich Dark malt as the main component, you can get beers with a pronounced color. But in order to preserve useful properties, it is necessary to maintain a low temperature level during mashing. Main settings:

  • Malt color - 21.0-35.0 EBC.
  • Enzymatic activity (share of grist) – up to 100.0%.
  • Extractivity (minimum) - 80.5%.
  • Total protein - 9.0-12.0%.

Using BEST Munich Dark, you can get - brown and dark ales, any style of dark Alt beer, dark lagers, dark wheat beers, other types of this intoxicating drink.

You can order German Best Munich Dark Malt in the Proliteh online store by either filling out the appropriate form or contacting a sales assistant. Convenient packaging, affordable price, high quality product and fast delivery will pleasantly surprise you!


Up to 100% in the total grist.

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Features Malt BEST Munich Dark

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Тип солода Базовый солод

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