Malt BEST Melanoidin

Malt BEST Melanoidin
BEST Melanoidin содержит особенно большое количество декстринов, что придает пиву сильный аромат и красноватый оттенок
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About product

About product Malt BEST Melanoidin

BEST Melanoidin malt has the highest melanoidin content of any other brewing malt. Due to this, it has a pronounced grain aroma, neutral (without sourness and bitterness) light taste. This malt is recommended for the following beer styles: March and Amber, Dark Lager, Stout, Brown Ale and Dark Ale. Can be used in commercial and home brewing.

Product Features

BEST Melanoidin is used for dark and reddish beers. In addition to imparting a rich color to the drink, roasted malt improves its taste and aroma, promotes the formation of stable foam, and prevents the product from showing signs of “exhalation” during storage.

The malt is made from high-grade two-row spring barley, which is grown in ecologically favorable regions. The recommended proportion in the backfill is from 5 to 50%, depending on the recipe.

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Up to 50% in bulk.

Width: 20
Height: 4
Lenghth: 30
Weight: 1

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