Malt BEST Chocolate

Malt BEST Chocolate
Придает пиву темный цвет. Добавляет тонкие оттенки шоколада, орехов, или аромат кофе. Используется до 10 % в смеси.
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About product

About product Malt BEST Chocolate

BEST Chocolate malt is designed to create all styles of beer that require the presence of a pronounced roasted aroma. Traditionally, in craft breweries and in home brewing, this product is added to produce the following types of beer: Schwarzbier, Bock, Altbier, brown ale, porter, stout. You can buy BEST Chocolate in the right quantities in the Prolitech online store at the best price in Ukraine. We offer original products with delivery to any region by Nova Poshta.

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If you are planning to brew a dark or black beer with a mild coffee note, then you cannot do without Best Chocolate malt. This beer variety is made from kiln-roasted barley. Thanks to the gentle roasting process, bitter aftertaste and burnt aromatic notes in the beer are eliminated.

The share of BEST Chocolate malt from the total amount can be 3-15 percent. This is not a base malt, but a special malt that allows you to add an original, rich nutty taste and coffee aroma to the classic style. It is noteworthy that the foam on the beer retains light shades, and the drink itself acquires a rich red color.

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Up to 10% in the total grist.


цветность Chocolate

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