Malt BEST Chit Malt

Malt BEST Chit Malt
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About product

About product Malt BEST Chit Malt

 BEST Chit Malt is one of the best examples of functional components for making beer. Functional malts are used to improve the organoleptic characteristics of the finished beverage. By adding functional malts, you can change the taste, color, texture, head retention. Chit Malt is a finely ground extract. It is made from spring two-row barley. It is used for the preparation of all types of beer in which increased foam stability is required. The result of the application is a compacted foam that does not subside for a long time.

It has a slightly pronounced color, is poorly soluble, which allows it to be used as an additional ingredient for malt varieties with high solubility. BEST Chit Malt does not affect the shade of the finished drink. It is used periodically or constantly as an additive to the main raw material in the process of mashing the must. The ingredient contains more high molecular weight protein (up to 12%) compared to Pilsner malt.

Cheat Malt is best suited to improve foaming and composition correction when using highly dissolved malt, which gives a muted aroma and taste. Chit Malt is characterized by an increased concentration of starting enzymes that stimulate the transformation of substances contained in starch.

BEST Chit Malt: features of use

Many brewers wonder where to buy ingredients to improve the foaming of the finished brew. Chit Malt is a malt that will help you get a stable, rich and lush head. The maximum volume of this component can reach 15% of the grist. It is stored at a temperature not exceeding 20°C and relative humidity not exceeding 35%. The maximum storage period is 24 months. The affordable price makes BEST Chit Malt popular among beer makers.

Where to order BEST Chit Malt

You can order BEST Chit Malt and other ingredients for brewing at Prolitech LLC. We equip breweries and private breweries in Ukraine with high-quality raw materials and equipment for making drinks. You can buy products from reliable manufacturers in Europe from us. Entrepreneurs and private brewers from the cities of Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Lviv and Odessa will receive the ordered products within 1-2 days. Buyers from the cities of Kiev, Dnipro and Kharkov will be able to use the purchased goods in the shortest possible time.



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