Caramel malt BEST Caramel Munich II

Caramel malt BEST Caramel Munich II

Caramel malt BEST Caramel Munich II
Солод средней карамелизации из линейки Munich: очень "карамельный", добавляет глубину цвету, увеличивая стабильность пены. Усиливает характер готового пива придавая выраженный привкус ореха.
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About product Caramel malt BEST Caramel Munich II

BEST Caramel Munich II caramel malt is a beer roasted malt produced by BESTMALZ AG, used in brewing to produce a dark caramel color beer. In addition, the characteristics of professional malt provide the drink with a persistent, high, thick foam. And the final product gets high taste properties due to the rich nutty flavor. This specialty malt is used in industrial, commercial craft and home brewing. You can buy BEST Caramel Munich II in our store at a competitive price with delivery across Ukraine by Nova Poshta.

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Caramel malt BEST Caramel Munich II is used in the production of all dark beers: lagers, March, wheat. The color index of this variety is 110-130 EBC. Therefore, drinks are obtained with an intense shade, with enhanced aroma, notes of almonds. The recommended backfill percentage is 10-50%.

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