Caramel malt BEST Caramel Hell

Caramel malt BEST Caramel Hell

Caramel malt BEST Caramel Hell
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About product

About product Caramel malt BEST Caramel Hell

Caramel malt BEST Caramel Hell, produced by the well-known European malt company BESTMALZ (Germany), is widely used as an additional component in the beer recipe of the following varieties of intoxicating drinks:

  • Wheat beer of any kind.
  • Low alcohol and non-alcoholic varieties.

You also need Best Kramel Hel malt in recipes for Helles Lager, Märzen and other similar beers where you want to emphasize the amber or golden hue of the drink.

Features BEST Caramel Hell

As a raw material for the preparation of this malt, BESTMALZ uses special brewing varieties of two-row barley. The malting process takes place according to a carefully designed scheme, which provides for caramelization technology.

Caramel Hell malt, when added to the mash, not only enhances the caramel aroma, it saturates the hoppy drink with hints of vanilla and creamy aftertaste. By adjusting the percentage of BEST Caramel Hell in the mash, it is possible to obtain a beer color from light golden to dark amber.

Main characteristics:

  • Color - 20.0-40.0 EBC.
  • Humidity - no more than 4.5%.
  • Malt loading - up to 50.0%.
  • Extractivity in dry matter (min) - 75.0%.
  • Protein (max) - 12.0%.

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Features Caramel malt BEST Caramel Hell

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