Malt BEST Biscuit (Biscuit)

Malt BEST Biscuit (Biscuit)

Malt BEST Biscuit (Biscuit)
BEST Biscuit (Бисквит) – придает пиву интенсивный и сладкий солодовый аромат, напоминающий свежеиспеченный хлеб и печенье
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About product

About product Malt BEST Biscuit (Biscuit)

Online store "Prolitech" offers professional brewers and fans of home brewing to buy products of the famous European company BESTMALZ (Germany) - BEST Biscuit malt. For its production, selected two-row barley is taken, the crop of which is harvested in the fields of ecologically clean regions of Germany. A special processing mode provides the finished product with a number of remarkable qualities. The product for beer has the following effects:

  • Gives a hoppy drink a pleasant malty aroma of freshly baked cookies or bread.
  • Forms a characteristic golden hue, which is inherent in Extra class beer products.

Features of this BESTMALZ product

Malt "Best Biscuit" is mainly used in the formulation of all specialty beers, ales, porters and other types of hop products. As a rule, it is used in combination with malts with high dynastic activity.

Main characteristics:

  • Chromaticity - 47.0-50.0 EBC.
  • Enzymatic activity of malt (share of grist) – up to 50.0%.
  • Extractivity in dry matter (minimum) - 77.0%.
  • Humidity - up to 4.5%.

Prolitech offer

You can buy original German BEST Biscuit malt in our online store at a very reasonable price. You can order this essential brewing ingredient in 1kg and 25kg packs. Prompt delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.


Up to 50% in bulk.

EBC value

EBC Biscuit

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Features Malt BEST Biscuit (Biscuit)

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Тип солода Жжённый солод

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